Verrica is a pharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products for the treatment of skin diseases with significant unmet needs. The company’s lead product candidate, VP-102, is currently being evaluated in two Phase 3 clinical trials for the treatment of molluscum and in a Phase 2 clinical trial for the treatment of common warts.

Our first meeting

PBM Capital was introduced to Matt, a 29-year old, entrepreneurial Stanford PhD who had been searching for a treatment for his unwieldy warts and discovered cantharidin, a naturally sourced agent widely known to treat topical dermatological conditions. PBM partnered with Matt to develop cantharidin into a proprietary drug-device combination of novel topical solution for a potential treatment of molluscum contagiosum and common warts. PBM operated the company, including overseeing clinical trials, finance, regulatory and manufacturing until we brought on a management team before the IPO. Paul and Sean are currently serving on the Board of Directors


Founded 2013
IPO 2018

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